An old sofa

Two young girls stood behind the door to the old apartment for rent. It was not a usual deal. This apartment was very special, and anyone could rent it for several hours or the whole night. Once, this apartment with one room and small bathroom belonged to a very righteous old lady with a bad…

Group Tour vs. Individual Travel

Have you ever seen a herd of wild horses running from one field to another? Well, it is nothing compared to a group of wild tourists with photo cameras in Louvre. I have traveled both ways. Believe me, both of them have some benefits. You just need to find it for yourself.

My Recent Wild and Crazy Travel Story

I have traveled to Asia, Europe, and around North America, and have never experienced anything like I did on this trip last week. My journey from Oklahoma City to Winnipeg, Canada was wild and crazy. . . but the destination was well worth it.

How to be a hitchhiker and still stay alive

An amazing feeling of the freedom and lonely road, sunshine on your face, and wind in your hair are the main reasons for becoming a hitchhiker. However, don’t let your romantic heart take the lead. Your mind must read these short advices before. It is a hard task to travel with weird unknown people in…

Tanzania, Africa: My Home and Favorite Places by: Tumsifu Frank

Hi everyone! We have another special guest author for 108 Klicks Around the World. Tumsifu Frank graduated from Moshi University College Of Cooperative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS) in Tanzania, Africa. He is a local with a great appreciation of his country, travel, and humanity. Here, Tumsifu shares with us his favorite places in Tanzania. Enjoy this interesting article…

London of my life

I used to travel alone for a few years. So when my parents tell this to their friends, I always received such weird gazes; full of respect, like I am a real survivor. Well, behind my back they were probably thinking I am crazy.

Prince’s Fab Passport Photo

I have a short, but AMAZING post for you today – Prince’s passport photo has to one of the best traveling pics of all time. Why?

Who Are Millennial Travelers and What Do They Want?

You hear the term “Millennial” thrown around a lot these days, but it just refers to the (very large) group of people born between the early 1980s and 2000s. I was curious to dig in a bit and see what kind of travelers “we,” the Millennials, are. My husband (1980), me (1986), and our daughter…

Extra Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Never let fear hold you back, but still it is good to play it safe. If you are traveling solo, women in particular, it is good to know a few things before heading off on your journey. Here are a few extra tips for solo women travelers; if you have more I would love for…