I Made an Asparagus Planting Oopsie

My friend gave me some asparagus roots to plant. Asparagus are perennials, so I was extra excited – just needed to get them in the ground.

Soaking asparagus roots

So, over the weekend, I planted the asparagus, but about an hour after finishing up, I realized I planted the roots upside down!!! Whoops!!

I went back out and replanted them right-side-up.

Panting Process

  1. I started out by digging a 12 x 12 inch trench in the garden and planned to space 3 plants ~18 inches apart.
  2. I made a gallon of manure tea and dumped it into the trench and covered it up, leaving about 3-4 inches of space to place the roots.
  3. While digging the trench, I let the roots soak in a manure tea. My gardening blunder came when I placed the crowns of the asparagus in the ground and the roots in the air.
  4. Upon realizing this, I removed the roots, soaked them while I dug again, and then replaced them with the stringy roots in the ground and the crows above ground. PHEW! Glad I caught that.

I found a broken robin’s egg, snapped a picture and then put it in the garden. Extra compost, nothing goes to waste!

I replanted and then placed one stick just north of each crown so I can find them, as they are harder to see now.

Everything is better with a little help from new friends.

Meet “Wormy”

One of many wormies I have found in the garden

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