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Janelle Nightingale

Buddhist | Ⓥalkyrie | Traveler | Writer | Sore from Jiu-Jitsu | Dog Lover | Picture-taker

My name is Janelle Nightingale and I love experiencing life!

I’ve nearly cut off my finger in Arkansas, I got lost in the middle of the night in Wacken, Germany at a metal festival, I was honored to accept an award in front of 14,000 people at a Buddhist monastery in Taiwan, then, there was that time I was struck by lighting (sort of) on my way to Canada, and also spoke at a Veggie Fest in Oklahoma, and was quoted by local news. Oh, and I love to kayak and hike.

Blog Author

That’s my life – one adventure at a time. Yep, even if I end up with bloody fingers, chipped teeth, fractured bones (all things that have happened), it all still makes for a great story later.

I’m in my 30’s, originally from Southern California, now living in Oklahoma. Currently, I work at a fantastic company called 180 Medical while finishing my last few months of school at SNU (Go Thunder Cats!). I enjoy fostering boxer dogs through The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma, and am a lover and practitioner of 10th Planet jiu-jitsu, training at my home gym, USA Stars in Moore, OK. I believe in the empowerment of all people. Together, we are strongest.

Kateryna “Kitty” Voloshyna

My name is Kateryna, which means ‘honest’ and ‘pure’ in some Greek version, as far as I know, but I am Ukrainian 🙂 I was born in 1986, the year of the Tiger. This is very important in Ukraine, as we think the year of your birth can tell a lot about you. I know, it may be stupid, but… at least I’m a Tiger! I have two brothers, one a Dragon and the other a Mouse. That totally represents them.

Author Kateryna

Ukraine is a crazy country with constant instability, however, I do love it. I love to travel, and I am really big fan of trains. Once I wrote a novel in the train from one city to another. I feel magic inside the train. I like to write different stories and novels… I use to hide them in my desk. Maybe someday humanity will read about sarcastic geeky vampires, strong women, hard decisions…and more.

A couple fun facts about me: I am a cross-stitching’ maniac! I can create pictures and blouses; stitching and watching TV shows at the same time. Yep. Also, Once I traveled across all of Ukraine via hitchhiking – today, however, I prefer to book cheap tickets and fly low-cost; take a bus or use a train 🙂

My favorite countries include – Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Austria. I have a lot of plans for my future trips and hope you will join me here!

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