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Janelle Nightingale

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Ah, the electrifying tale of when I was nearly struck by lightning en route to Canada, or that time I shared my veggie wisdom at a festival in Oklahoma and found myself quoted by the local news. Did I mention my penchant for kayaking and hiking?

Welcome to my life, an exhilarating rollercoaster of adventures, where every escapade is worth the scars and bruises – be it bloody fingers, chipped teeth, or fractured bones. After all, they make for fabulous stories later on.

At the tender age of 17, I took the plunge and enlisted in the military, embarking on a Public Affairs career. By 18, I was a private investigator, and at 22, I found myself a part of a remote Eastern European marketing team, meeting the digital demands of businesses worldwide. My journey since then has been nothing short of extraordinary – scaling mountains in Taiwan, accepting accolades before a 14,000-strong audience, becoming the executive director of a Ugandan agricultural NGO, running half marathons, learning a new language, raising a staggering $34,000 in four days for an MMA fighter, and orchestrating an interview between Sarah “Too Sweet” Alpar and Jake Paul – all while continuing my education and working full-time.

With unyielding determination, I forge ahead. Once I’ve set my sights on something, consider it done.

Today, I channel that indomitable spirit into my role as a Communications Manager at Coryell Roofing, all while pursuing a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!). No mountains to climb here, but you can bet I’m moving them.

My mission statement is clear: To teach using leadership, empathy, and passion. Inspire young people, entrepreneurs, and change agents to be courageous with their voices, compassionate with their hearts, and responsible with their hands to make the world a better place.

I stand for the empowerment of all. United, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Kateryna “Kitty” Voloshyna

Author Kateryna

My name is Kateryna, which is derived from a Greek variant meaning ‘honest’ and ‘pure’, as far as I’m aware. However, I’m proudly Ukrainian! I was born in 1986, the Year of the Tiger. In Ukraine, we place great importance on one’s birth year, believing it reveals much about a person’s character. It might seem silly, but at least I’m a Tiger! I have two brothers, one born in the Year of the Dragon and the other in the Year of the Mouse, which perfectly suits their personalities.

Ukraine is a dynamic and sometimes chaotic country, but I love it dearly. I’m an avid traveler and particularly fond of train journeys. I once wrote an entire novel while traveling between cities by train. There’s something magical about being on a train for me. I enjoy writing various stories and novels, which I typically stash away in my desk. Perhaps one day, the world will read about my sarcastic, geeky vampires, strong women, and tough choices, among other things.

Here are a couple of fun facts about me: I’m a cross-stitch enthusiast! I can simultaneously create intricate designs on pictures and blouses while watching my favorite TV shows. Also, I once hitchhiked my way across Ukraine, but these days, I prefer booking budget-friendly flights or taking buses and trains.

My top three countries are Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Austria. I have numerous travel plans in store for the future, and I hope you’ll join me on my adventures!

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  1. nikirath says:

    Love your introduction. Wishing you good luck and wishes with your travel dream 🙂


    1. You are so kind, thank you!

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  2. thatssojacob says:

    Hey there! I do a blog following spree every once in a while, and this July I’m going 7 for 7: following 7 fun blogs a day, each day, for the seventh month. Yours is today’s #7. Feel free to come visit me at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com and if you like what you read, follow back! Thanks and have a great day!

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    1. Proud to be #7! Thanks!


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