Sarcastic Vampire

Sarcastic Vampire

It was a damn long day. I woke up few times and fell asleep again.

I had nightmares about my shitty life that I wasted in a large, empty dark castle with numerous tombs. Oh … hey, it’s not a nightmare – this is my reality. I woke up and flew away from my favorite, very comfortable tomb.

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Pilgrimage to Taiwan

As this year’s pilgrimage is quickly approaching, I yearn to be with my monastery group again in Taiwan. Not this year though. I will be with all of them in thought and volunteering at our home monastery while they are away.

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I went on a pilgrimage to Taiwan with our home monastery, Buddha Mind Monastery in Oklahoma City. The Pilgrimage began on July 30, 2014 and ended when we arrived back in OKC on August 15, 2014. It was quite a journey, and it did not end after coming home.

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