Session No.2 on my Second 3/4 Sleeve

Sesh 2 Complete

Ouchie!! But looking good.

Yesterday (4/17/2022) Chuck did a lot of shading and added some hard lines for more water elements in the inner arm and an additional wave on my inner forearm. I forgot just how much those inner arm and elbow areas smart!! Wooweee! The shading really made the art POP. It just keeps getting better.

This is a continuation of A Tale of Two 3/4 Sleeves.

It was roughly a two-hour session, and my arm was on fire afterward; but dang, it looks immaculate.

For the “ouchie” reference: we only worked with black ink yesterday. No color was added. My skin did not appreciate the process and added a lovely red/purple shade.

The morning after…

I repeat, OUCHIE! Shading will do that, though.

It looks like we went deeper into the pit this time, too. Tickle, tickle (not!).

I love the process of my second 3/4 sleeve tattoo journey, discomfort and all; the evolution of my new art is phenomenal. My tattoo artist is the best.


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