Kateryna Pleads – Help Ukraine, Sheild Our Sky!

Kateryna Pleads – Help Ukraine, Sheild Our Sky!

Wearing traditional Ukrainian flower headbands, a protester shouts “Protect Ukrainian sky!” Photo by Dean Moses

“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” – George Washington

Dear fellows from around the world!

My name is Kateryna Voloshyna, and I am a writer from Ukraine. Right now, my dearest, my peaceful country is under the enemy’s attack. Russia is killing us while the whole world is watching. We can’t explain this level of violence and hatred coming from Russia, and I am tired of trying to understand how it has happened. One day we were talking about our plans for an upcoming vacation, ordering favorite books and goods, cooking soup with spices that had just been delivered from an online store. Then, we woke up from the sounds of sirens and explosions. Our life has been changed without returning point.

I am begging you to ask your government to spread the word around social media to notify your friends and family that Ukraine needs help. We don’t ask you to go to the war. We don’t ask you to lose your close ones just to restore peace in the world since Russia will not stop on one country, as history shows. All we ask is to cover our sky. Help us protect our once peaceful heavenly blue sky from the enemy. Help us shield our sky from missiles and bombs until the enemy does not decide to take further steps towards you.

Copy to your social accounts:

🕊️ Shield the sky! Call for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Save Ukraine, save the world 🌍

#ShieldTheSky #NATO #StopRussianAgression #StandwithUkraine

Protesters called for the sky to be closed. 
Photo by Dean Moses 

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