Visiting the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda

It’s not every day that someone gets to travel from Oklahoma to the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda. But that is exactly what I’m about to do! In just a few months, I’ll be on my way to work with Agri Planet Uganda on its mission to help find sustainable solutions for refugees living in the settlement. While I’m sure this trip will bring plenty of challenges, I’m also looking forward to learning more about Uganda’s amazing people and culture. 

A Little Bit About Kyangwali 

The Kyangwali Refugee Settlement is located in Hoima District in western Uganda. The settlement is home to over 35,000 refugees who have had to flee their homes due to armed conflict or political unrest. Some of these refugees are from neighboring countries like South Sudan, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo; others are Ugandan citizens who have been displaced by environmental issues such as drought or flooding. 

Agri Planet Uganda focuses on helping those living in the settlements through agricultural initiatives such as teaching new farming techniques, providing access to resources such as water pumps and fertilizers, and creating systems for marketing produce grown at the settlements. This type of work helps provide economic stability and food security for those living there—both essential components for any community. 

During my time at Kyangwali, I’ll be getting involved with various projects run by Agri Planet Uganda, including workshops on agroforestry and permaculture design. I’m excited to get hands-on experience with these projects while learning more about how they can benefit those living there. Additionally, I hope that by working alongside local farmers and other volunteers, I can better understand life in this unique refugee settlement. 

I am truly honored (and a bit nervous!) to be able to take part in this incredible journey from Oklahoma across the world to Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda. I have volunteered with Agri Planet for seven years in capacities of consulting, digital marketing, and communications; this year, we established an official board of directors, and I was appointed Director of Organizational Growth and Strategy.

Working with Agri Planet Uganda in person is a fantastic personal and professional opportunity for me—it will allow me to learn more about sustainable development initiatives through hands-on experience and what it’s like for those living in a refugee settlement. There’s no doubt that this is going to be an eye-opening experience! Wish me luck!

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