Washington University in St. Louis

My sister, daughter and I drove to St. Louis, Missouri from Oklahoma to visit the awesome, Washington State University in St. Louis (WUSTL). That school is so sweet. 

My sister is currently in high school and smart as hell. A little rebellious, but very intelligent. We all need teenage angsty wiggle Sister driving to St. Louisroom before having to adult, right? She has had her eye on WUSTL for a little over a year now and wanted to start the process of getting her toes wet at the University (unintended pun, but it was raining). With her request I set up an interview for her with the visual arts department head. When the day came, we were off!

Upon arriving at the university we signed in, she filled out some paperwork and then went back for her interview. It lasted about an hour and then we on for a campus tour. That campus is good stuff! Beautiful, and so much great history.

Even though at first she wanted to major in visual arts, and don’t get me wrong visual arts is great, but she came to her senses and decided to go into engineering. Science and math is her wheelhouse! A minor is art. . . perfect. Cover all her bases. Her best chance to get into this school are all of her As in all of her A.P. classes. I am wishing her luck!

Following our little one day/one night adventure, we made our 8 hour drive back home to Oklahoma.

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