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Growing Gourmet Mushrooms!!

Last week, I started a mushroom bed to grow wine cap mushrooms! The bed is made of cedar dust, wood chips, and straw. Today, I continued the maitake mushroom project. Maitake mushrooms I am going to attempt growing maitake mushrooms on oak tree logs. A couple of months ago, I went to a lumber yard…

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Quarantine Garden Update

I’ve been letting things take their growing course while I water and wait. Today though, I made a manure tea for the vegetable garden, herbs, and trees…and created, and inoculated, a bed for Wine Cap Mushrooms! Wine Cap Mushrooms Bed Sectioned off a shaded/partial sun area in the corner of my backyard. Poured cedar sawdust…

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“Blogger | Sore from Jiu-Jitsu | Travel-Happy | â“‹egan | Warrior | Valkyrie | âš’ HjalmĂľrimul [he-yal-meh-ri-mule] âš’ ” valkyrie_jn (Instagram) Follow me on Instagram and check out my “at-home” adventures in jiu-jitsu, veganism, health/wellness, and…boxer dogs. HjalmĂľrimul is the name of a Valkyrie, a female warrior in Norse mythology. In this mythology, Valkyrie’s decide…

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