Next Steps for an Unforgettable Journey to Uganda

Before embarking on my first trip to Uganda, I am ensuring that I am properly prepared. This includes checking visa requirements with the Ugandan embassy, researching local customs and cultures, investing in comprehensive travel insurance, and planning for ways to stay connected while abroad. By planning ahead and ensuring all of my bases are covered, I’m looking forward to a safe and enjoyable journey into this new country!

Visiting Oahu, Hawaii

Our first time in Hawaii – Story and Itinerary I had been looking at plane tickets for Lena and me to visit Hawaii for seven years, but tickets were always too expensive. This was the year, though! As I did every so often, I looked at tickets on, round-trip, and a hotel room for me,…

Cheap trip: How to not get broke in Europe

I have recently returned from a one-week trip to Europe with my husband. We stayed for four days in Nuremberg, Germany and for three days in Prague, Czech Republic.  In total, we spent 400 euro during all these days on food, museums, and souvenirs.

Tahlequah, OK Float Trip

This past weekend I went on a float trip down the Illinois River with my USA Stars Jiu-jitsu family and some friends.

Dirty Little Latte Throwdown

My friend, Wendy, and I went to District House Coffee’s Dirty Little Latte Art Throwdown – a competition of latte art, TO THE DEATH! Okay, maybe not that last part, but it was a lot of fun. 

Visiting Mount Scott

I have been to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge many times, but never made it up to Mt. Scott. Until today! 

Washington University in St. Louis

My sister, daughter and I drove to St. Louis, Missouri from Oklahoma to visit the awesome, Washington State University in St. Louis (WUSTL). That school is so sweet. 

Horseback Riding for the 2017 New Year

I left 2016 with some anxiety, just lingering worries; little thing after little thing building up into a giant emotional rainstorm. However, the New Year is a nice starting point to begin fresh again; even if it is technically just another day.