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Visiting Oahu, Hawaii

Our first time in Hawaii – Story and Itinerary I had been looking at plane tickets for Lena and me to visit Hawaii for seven years, but tickets were always too expensive. This was the year, though! As I did every so often, I looked at tickets on, round-trip, and a hotel room for me,…

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Growing Gourmet Mushrooms!!

Last week, I started a mushroom bed to grow wine cap mushrooms! The bed is made of cedar dust, wood chips, and straw. Today, I continued the maitake mushroom project. Maitake mushrooms I am going to attempt growing maitake mushrooms on oak tree logs. A couple of months ago, I went to a lumber yard…

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Quarantine Garden Update

I’ve been letting things take their growing course while I water and wait. Today though, I made a manure tea for the vegetable garden, herbs, and trees…and created, and inoculated, a bed for Wine Cap Mushrooms! Wine Cap Mushrooms Bed Sectioned off a shaded/partial sun area in the corner of my backyard. Poured cedar sawdust…

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I would like to offer a perspective that may seem controversial to some; this is a time to keep context. Please read through to the end. Systemic racism Police brutality Racial disparities, drug policy, and policing Harsh criminal sentences Mass shootings Hate crimes Access to healthcare The rights of older people in “care” facilities Surveillance and data protection Nation-to-nation foreign policy…

We're not here to start a race war we're here to end one

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