Prince’s Fab Passport Photo

I have a short, but AMAZING post for you today – Prince’s passport photo has to one of the best traveling pics of all time. Why?


Prince Aka: Prince Rogers Nelson . . .

  1. Is 57 years old!
  2. Has extremely supple skin
  3. Has the smoky eye look going on (hell yes)
  4. Got a gaze that “screams” peace and serene — fabulous!
Prince's fabulous passport photo
Prince’s fabulous passport photo

Forget about Blue Steel. It’s all about this Purple Passion. Thank you, oh Majestic One!


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  1. My god I love him. That man does NOT age!!! ❤

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    1. I know! Almost 60…. Fabulous!!!!

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  2. Dolvella says:

    This guy really doesn’t age!!! Gosh!!!


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