Who Are Millennial Travelers and What Do They Want?

You hear the term “Millennial” thrown around a lot these days, but it just refers to the (very large) group of people born between the early 1980s and 2000s.

I was curious to dig in a bit and see what kind of travelers “we,” the Millennials, are. My husband (1980), me (1986), and our daughter (2007) are considered “Millennials,” and we like to travel! Here’s what I found.

My family of Millennial travelers
My family of Millennial travelers .

Who are these Millennial travelers you speak of?

  • Millennial travelers want technology. They expect great WiFi, apps and accessibility by means of a lot of different technology mediums.

My thoughts: Yea… that is pretty true. I love to hike and be in the woods surrounded by trees, but I still want my phone to take pictures and laptop to blog for example.

  • Millennial travelers trust their peers. They’re less likely to listen and indulge themselves in a candid endorsement for a hotel, but they will follow the comments and advocacy of their friends and colleagues via social media (in addition, they will pay equal attention to negative comments).

My thoughts: Umm, yep again. If we hear about something on an ad (although the places we want to go usually don’t have advertisements), we will go directly to the reviews, social media and recommendations from people we know, or an overall rating if no one we know has been there. But hat overall rating must have a large lot of reviews to be considered.

  • Millennial travelers want to leave their hotel rooms. The increasing popularity of more social lobby space, with lots of area to plug in and work as well as socialize, is testament to the fact that millennial travelers are less likely to sit crouched in their hotel at the room desk when traveling for business or pleasure.

My thoughts: Mmmhmm, it’s true again for us.

  • Millennial travelers want a unique hotel experience.

My thoughts: Not so much on this one for us. I personally prefer a hotel to be safe, I think that is my primary concern. OR I want it close to the attraction we really came to see, e.g. ocean front.

  • Millennial travelers are both big spenders and budget watchers. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Millennial travelers vary in economic inclinations. They may stay at an expensive, unique hotel for one trip, but then opt for a near-budget property on the next. But their demand for technology and a trendy design remains the same.

My thoughts: half and half on this statement. My husband likes high class and I like the “near-budget” options more. Sometimes I would prefer an upper-class room, but only on special occasions of if I am with someone that just does not want to rough it. So yea, I can see this being true. Yes, I still would prefer technology, but I do not care about design so much… I know my husband would prefer a unique design though!

  • Millennial travelers mix please with business when traveling for work.

My thoughts: Most definitely. This goes back to not staying in the hotel room. In between work, it is time to go explore the world around.

  • Millennials aren’t necessarily promiscuous spenders …They want the best they can get for the money they spend, rather than the cheapest options available.

My thoughts: My husband is the one that prefers “bang for the buck” whereas I always think in terms of most inexpensive. I do however ALWAYS choose a hotel that offers a free breakfast. It’s a thing I have.

Who are the Millennials?

And since I am a marketing junkie and marketer by trade, take a look at some of these cool Millennial stats from Flowtown, “Who are the Millennials.” I have to say, I fall into quite a few of these buckets.

Who are the Millennials?

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