Exclusive Travel Deals and Tips

Spring Break is right around the corner, and following that….SUMMER! Travel season. This is music to my ears.

Ok, honestly though – Spring, Summer, Fall or even Winter; I would be down to find a trail and hike the crap out of it. That’s me though. I like hiking, I love traveling, I love exploring, and I know so many of you do as well. So with that said, check out some of these exclusive travel deal and tips I got for ya.


Travelocity has daily top travel deals on their site. From Winter get-aways to 24 hour sales, they always have something going on and if you are feeling spontaneous or even planning for a destination down the road, Travelocity is a great resource. You can get deals on hotels, vacation packages, flights, cruises and car rentals. Travelocity is often full of fun surprises.

Last-Minute Travel: Groupon

Trip a Deal
TripADeal is Australia’s leading Travel Deals website

Groupon travel is one of my favorites! Seriously, they have some fantastic travel deals every-single-day, and cheap enough that your friends will be able to chip in and join you in the traveling fun. Groupon’s last-minutes deals are marked down significantly so all of us “I don’t care where I go as long as I can go” people can get out of town for fun. Last-minute deals on Groupon have local destinations as well as beautiful destinations abroad. So many options.

TIP: Follow the news

Whenever something happens like attacks in Paris, or all the migrants going through Greece and Macedonia; it creates a fear in travelers so even after everything has settled and is more or less back to normal, travelers will not go there for years. This really stinks for two reasons specifically, 1.) the countries, even though have had troubles, are beautiful and deserve to be discovered by everyone around the world! 2.) So many of the countries we enjoy traveling to rely on tourist revenue to sustain their families. Follow the news. If an interesting place is safe to travel to again, enjoy. Support your life experiences and locals livelihood.


Dealnews.com has some decent deals every so often as well. You may have to scan through to find the gems, but they are there; waiting like travel diamonds in the rough.

** Holland America Line

Holland America Line has some GREAT travel deals at the moment, biggest sales of the season, but these are ending soon so share this one with your friends ASAP. The link appended to the name is the direct link to the special deals page going on right now. Holland America Line has offers for places like the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Australia, Asia, South America and so many more!

TIP: Use specialized websites

Check out lesser known travel information sites that might have better deals or more information. My recommends lie in places like RoomKey.com, a site created by chains like Hilton, Hyatt and Wyndham that offers discounted rooms; GetaRoom.com and HotelTonight.com are other hotel booking sites worth looking at.

Vacation deals made in TAHITI!
Vacation deals made in TAHITI!

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