If you are reading this, if you are on my blog right now, you are here for 1 of 3 reasons.

..most likely. 

  1. You are a friend or family member of mine.
  2. You enjoy travel blogs; tips, stories…etc.
  3. You are looking for inspiration to write your blog.

There could be more, but I think those are the top.

What makes a community? More specifically, what makes an ONLINE community? People. People with similar interests.

Let us all come together now and share our photos, experiences, places we have been, share about spaces on this Earth we have touched upon.


Where have you been? Hashtag your fun travel photos #klicksofpics on social media for our community to see, enjoy and comment on. The fun is beginning on 108 Klicks Around the World Facebook page, but it will not end there.

Petit Jean State Park #klicksofpics
Petit Jean State Park #klicksofpics

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