Paris ☮

Paris, the city of lights has recently been in the spot light due to a terrible matter. Terrorism has hit Paris, France. 

We have seen the news, we have heard the tears and felt sadness and fear ourselves at the thought that this outrageous act of terror has hit a city so loved by many. People have been hurt, killed; loved ones affected, viewers distraught and at a loss for words. Paris. We stand behind you with strength. Peace for Paris

This world can behold so much evil, but if we continue to fight with the view of “an eye for an eye,” we will never have peace. Pray for Paris. Pray for peace, Pray for justice. Forgive the injustice, and pray for justice. Patience is a virtue as they say, but so is tenderness and forgiveness. Let us take the thought of hate from our mind and only grow the seeds of compassion and love for those that we can touch; if even in our thoughts.

Terrorism is not okay. They are senseless acts of betrayal upon the fellow human race; grievances upon mankind and pure hate in the flesh. “Terror” – provoking fear in the lives of many, hoping to make submissive fearful beings of everyone with different beliefs, values, morals, points-of-view…differences. Those of us in the travel community love differences. Most of us love to see new cultures, experiences different lifestyles and welcome a varied perspective from our own. Do we have to accept a new view as our own? No. Do we have to take it upon ourselves to become devout to another life? No. Do these experiences make us better people? Better residence on this huge rock we call Earth; home? Yes, it does. To those who believe this, it makes us strong. We travel, explore, accept, want to help our fellow world inhabitants, and in a sense it is up to us to be a guiding light to those in fear. We can show others there are good people in the world. We can pray, forgive, know that not everyone is bad, and show that we will take chances in the adventure called life. Paris Flag Facebook Profile Picture

Paris, we feel your pain and we are behind you. You are STRONG, you will prevail and you WILL rise stronger than before.

Pray for Paris.

Love, respect, compassion, PEACE. ☮

Peace sign for Paris

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