Road trip across America: Story told through 4K drone footage.

This is pretty rad. A few friends road tripped across America and put together a montage from footage taken with a 4k drone. How awesome is that? Enjoy. 

Jonathan P YouTube info…

Published on Jul 17, 2015

Filming: DJI Phantom 3 Professional
Software: Final Cut Pro
Music: Taylor Davis – Great Fairy Fountain
Taylor Davis – Dragon Roost Island (From “the Wind Waker”)

Locations filmed in order of appearance:
San Diego (0:33)
Arches in Utah (0:37)
Grand Canyon (0:41)
The Potato Knoll, near Las Vegas (0:49)
Highway 1, California (0:55)
Red Rocks, Colorado (1:08)
Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado (1:25)
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona (1:43)
Boulder, Colorado (1:49)
I’m not sure if this place had a name… (1:59)
The Potato Knoll, near Las Vegas (2:20)
Zion National Park, Utah (2:26)
Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado (2:57)
Skyline Drive (3:11)

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