Game of Thrones Season 6: Filming in Prilep, Macedonia

Game of Thrones season 6 is going to be filmed right around the corner from our home in Prilep, Macedonia!

The city of Prilep, Macedonia. Image from: Wikitravel

Macedonia is a small country in between Greece and Italy, the population there is roughly 2 million people, and I married one! I joke that he is “my one in 2 million,” cheesy, I know, but I like it. We currently live in Oklahoma (USA), but we also have a home in Prilep, Macedonia where…Yes! Some scenes/episodes from the iconic show, Game of Thrones season 6 will be filmed.

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In addition to filming in Prilep, Game of Thrones will also use the city of Ohrid as a set for the popular TV show. Ohrid, Macedonia is a big travel destination for many people around the world, including Americans. Lake Ohrid is the biggest of Macedonia’s three tectonic lakes, and has remarkable clear blue waters; surely one of the reasons it was chosen as an ideal place to film scenes in GOT.

Ohrid, Macedonia
The beautiful streets of Ohrid, Macedonia

Prilep has a very mountainous range surrounding it, I can’t wait to see which Game of Thrones characters will be captured on film traveling through the beautiful terrain!

What better place to shoot Game of Thrones than the country Alexander the Great is from?! It’s pretty exciting for Macedonians and particularly those of us from Prilep and Ohrid.

Alexander the Great  in Prilep, Macedonia
Alexander the Great in Prilep, Macedonia. Photo borrowed from a fellow blogger: Words, By George!

The poetic theme song of Game of Thrones…

*Note, due to a comment made below, I want to clarify that Macedonia is not directly in between Italy and Greece. The country of Macedonia is surrounded by Kosovo, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. I choose to use Italy and Greece as landmarks because they are much easier for Americans to place in their minds for reference, and are close by.


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  1. Krali Marko says:

    Macedonia is not between Greece and Italy. It’s land locked and sits on top of Greece. Alexander the Great’s home city is in Pella which is in the Northern region of Greece. Both countries and a few others could legitimately claim to be the country where Alexander the Great was from, but the culturally the Greeks probably have a better claim because of their influence on the culture of the ancient Macedons and the fact that Alexander’s palace is in Greek Macedonia. You may have a husband from Macedonia, but you don’t know the history or even the location of the country. Prilep is my home.


    1. Hi Krali, thanks for your comments. It’s true, Macedonia is not directly in between Italy and Greece; I chose those countries to describe the location because they are two prominent places that Americans can identify with and place in their minds easily. Macedonia is surrounded by Kosovo, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. I can make a note about that to folks in my post with a quick update. It is also true that there are disagreements as to where Alexander the Great was from, which country and such; I am not into politics so I will leave my remark as such, but I do hear what you are saying and am familiar with the discrepancies. Thanks again for your comments! Happy reading, чао чао.


  2. I guess this GOT location didn’t push through since it is not listed as GOT locations today. It may very well be that beautiful to be considered as one at that time. Today there are 7 countries that consist all GOT locations and this one is not one of them.


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