Next Steps for an Unforgettable Journey to Uganda

As I prepare to embark on my first trip to Uganda in June, there are a few key points I’m preparing for.

Next steps checklist:

  • Check visa requirements with the Ugandan embassy.
  • Do research on Uganda’s culture and customs.
  • Invest in comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Plan for ways to stay connected while abroad.

Firstly, it’s important to be aware of visa requirements for entry into the country – I’m making sure to check with the Ugandan embassy that governs my country to know what’s needed from me. Additionally, I’m researching Uganda’s culture and customs before my arrival; this will help me respect local beliefs and traditions while in the country.

Finally, I’m investing in comprehensive travel insurance before leaving Oklahoma. Many healthcare providers in Uganda may not accept foreign medical insurance policies, so it’s best that I have some form of coverage should an emergency arise. To stay connected during my travels, I’m purchasing a local phone plan or international SIM card and ensuring that any websites or apps I need will be accessible while abroad.

Here’s hoping for an amazing journey through Uganda!


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