The Final Stretch – My 3/4 Sleeve Tattoo Is Almost Complete

Going to my 8th Tattoo Session

It’s been a long and winding journey, but the time has finally come: the last session for my 3/4 sleeve tattoo is here! After putting in several hours of design work between my artist, myself, and our trusty reference images of symbolism, my Dharma name, etc. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created together.

This journey started in early 2022 when I sat down with my artist to begin sketching out ideas. Since then, we’ve fine-tuned every detail until finally arriving at this incredible artwork. The colors, shading, and linework all came together perfectly to create something truly unique and meaningful to me.

Now that everything is coming together at the end of this process, it’s hard not to be overjoyed with excitement. All that’s left to do now is visit my artist for one last session in February, and voila – my second 3/4 sleeve tattoo will be complete!

I’ll be sure to share plenty of photos once it’s finished so everyone can take a look at the final product. Stay tuned!

Here are some photos from our 2.5-hour session yesterday:

We tackled the still water (not waves, those are done) in the inner arm, which is about the length of the tattoo, magenta inside my lotus flowers, and completed my purple mountains majesty.


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