Blogging Challenge: Day 21

Something that you miss.

something i miss

Sometimes I miss the smiles and faces of people that I meet, sometimes I miss the walking trails or vendors on the street. Sometime I miss the mountains or valleys high and low; and sometimes – not often, but sometimes- I miss the wind blowing snow.

Every so often I think about beaches, and sand in my toes; I think of neat rocks, waterfalls and lush trees – their green overflows.

One of the things I miss most, even when I’m at home, is being a kid; not…many…cares in the world, at least of different kind; and my mom to call me inside when the street lights turn on.

I miss gallivanting the streets on my BMX bike, turning those wheels with arms hanging to my side.

I miss chilling with my friends and staying out until dusk; not…many…cares in the world; looking back there was no reason to fuss.

I miss my friends, and getting into good ‘ol fashioned mischief; finding treasure, making forts and climbing trees.

Has it really been 20 years? I sit in disbelief.

Holding on and letting go, I recall some good days; my daughter is at that age- for memory making, it is now in another phase.

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