Blogging Challenge: Day 20

The meaning behind your blog name.

My blog name is a little ironic, but all with good intention.


Buddhist literature describes as as having 108 defilements, or feelings that lead to affliction. I “crave” to diminish all defilements, and I believe that each time I travel and experience something new it helps me begin to dissolve one or more. It’s all about perspective.

A list of the 108 feels of which cause suffering.

ostentatiousness grudge gambling ingratitude
dipsomania ambition dominance faithlessness
manipulation stinginess pessimism hostility
abuse debasement sexual lust sarcasm
humiliation jealousy gluttony unruliness
hurt cruelty unkindness laziness
envy indifference negativity furtiveness
sadism enviousness derision falseness
high-handedness know-it-all rage aggression
rapacity effrontery disrespectfulness hard-heartedness
eagerness for power lying insidiousness self-denial
inattentiveness contempt wrath haughtiness
greed for money seducement vindictiveness insatiability
voluptuousness excessiveness censoriousness dissatisfaction
egoism ignorance hatred greed
impudence imposture cursing imperiousness
lecherousness callousness malignancy torment
intolerance blasphemy shamelessness irresponsibility
obsession prejudice arrogance violent temper
garrulity dogmatism presumption intransigence
oppression prodigality lack of comprehension obstinacy
pride conceitedness delusion quarrelsomeness
self-hatred violence vanity hypocrisy
stubbornness baseness pretence mercilessness
disrespect ridicule masochism tyranny
capriciousness deceit anger discord
calculation unyielding desire for fame deception


I was in the U.S. Army, Hooah! And in military terms, a “klick” means a distance of 1000 meters (one kilometer, or .62 miles). Since it represents distance, and I have an affinity for the Army, I used this word in my travel blog because it is a part of me, and I felt it, aprepro.

“We’re going up river about 75 klicks above the Do Lung bridge.” – Apocalypse Now

Around the World

I want to travel the world! Experience, do, meet new people. I have goals to fly, bike, walk, drive, bus…hundreds of thousands klicks around the world, and to diminish 108 feels which cause suffering.

108KlicksAroundtheWorld – is a traveler, humanitarian, experiencer and just a girl lovin’ adventure.

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