Blogging Challenge: Day 17

Biggest accident/mistake.


My blog challenge day 17, mistake of choice…

I went to Germany in 2011 to attend one of the largest metal festivals in the world, Wacken Open Air! On night one, I finished watching the last performance, Ozzy Osborne. After the show everyone began exiting the concert grounds to retreat to their tents for the night. I was absolutely sure I knew where my test was, however, after 2 hours of walking in a circle I realized…I absolutely did NOT know where my tent was pitched.

8 hours later, a 1.5 hour rest in a porta potty while it rained, a brief stent of sitting in urinated and beer drenched grass to give my feet a break from walking, and finally a sense of failure and dramatic thoughts that I would never return home drowned my mind. Everyone started waking up, getting their breakfast and greeting the morning ready for the festivities ahead. I said “to heck with it…” and proceeded to sit on a nearby bench, when just then I heard someone say “hello” to me – it was a tent neighbor from England!

The Paul's from England (the one on the right found me)
The Paul’s from England (the one on the right found me)

Before my greeting, I said, “Take me back to my tent!” He caught on quick that I had not been back and was lost – he felt bad and then walked me back to our area. I was totally in the wrong area. In the wrong campground all together. Travel fail.

Wacken Festival Blister

I got back to my tent and lied down, then took a look at my feet of which were in pain. Oh…the blister!! The dreaded, painful blister.

Note: make a better mental note of my camping location.

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