Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Top 7 places in the United States you want to visit.

To stay on track with my 30 day challenge I am going to post the top 7 places in the United States I want to visit, but it is going to be a fast one today!

1. Hawaii

Hawaii, particular…Maui and Oahu. It might be American soil, but it is still a different culture. Beaches and sun with beautiful tropical plant life all around – and similar to Puerto¬†Rico, I want to go hiking in the mountains and ATV my happy self around the island, not do mention do a little island hopping for good measure. I also have it on my travel to-do list to watch a surf competition in Hawaii, I would be so down with that.

Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii

2. New York

“New York, New York what a wonderful town!”

I want to go see a real Broadway Musical in New York. Sure, shoot a few pics of the tall lady in grey, the Statue of Liberty, but Broadway baby, is where I want to be!

New York City Broadway Night
New York City, Broadway

3. Alaska

I am not a huge fan of the Alaskan cold, but I do want to go whale watching.

Whale Watching in Alaska

4. Las Vegas

Now, I’ve been to Vegas, but I have never BEEN to Vegas. You feel me? I would love to experience a live Las Vegas show; I’m not a gambler, drinker, or nightlife party animal, but I would stay up for a little live Vegas entertainment.

Live Las Vegas Show
Live Las Vegas Show: Show Stoppers Razzle Dazzle Joan Marcus

5. California: Yosemite Grand Traverse

Backpacking!!! Can I get an “Amen!”?! California: Yosemite Grand Traverse is calling my name for adventures of kayaking, trekking and mountain biking…MAYBE, just maybe I can jump on an ATV there too. Oh the possibilities when in the great wilderness of the United States.


6.¬†Grand Teton National Park…Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park…310,000 acres of rugged, snow-capped peaks, lush forests, and clarion alpine lakes. Queue Tim the Tool Man Taylor *grunt* (come on ’90s kids…)

Grand Teton State Park
Grand Teton State Park

7. New Orleans

I’ve been close to New Orleans, but I was a teenager and didn’t get to explore. I want to go to New Orleans and hit up a genuine Jazz club…yeah, baby. Yeeeah.

Jazz Club in New Orleans
Jazz Club in New Orleans photo credit:

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