Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Top 7 places in the United States you want to visit.

To stay on track with my 30 day challenge I am going to post the top 7 places in the United States I want to visit, but it is going to be a fast one today!

1. Hawaii

Hawaii, particular…Maui and Oahu. It might be American soil, but it is still a different culture. Beaches and sun with beautiful tropical plant life all around – and similar to Puerto Rico, I want to go hiking in the mountains and ATV my happy self around the island, not do mention do a little island hopping for good measure. I also have it on my travel to-do list to watch a surf competition in Hawaii, I would be so down with that.

Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii

2. New York

“New York, New York what a wonderful town!”

I want to go see a real Broadway Musical in New York. Sure, shoot a few pics of the tall lady in grey, the Statue of Liberty, but Broadway baby, is where I want to be!

New York City Broadway Night
New York City, Broadway

3. Alaska

I am not a huge fan of the Alaskan cold, but I do want to go whale watching.

Whale Watching in Alaska

4. Las Vegas

Now, I’ve been to Vegas, but I have never BEEN to Vegas. You feel me? I would love to experience a live Las Vegas show; I’m not a gambler, drinker, or nightlife party animal, but I would stay up for a little live Vegas entertainment.

Live Las Vegas Show
Live Las Vegas Show: Show Stoppers Razzle Dazzle Joan Marcus

5. California: Yosemite Grand Traverse

Backpacking!!! Can I get an “Amen!”?! California: Yosemite Grand Traverse is calling my name for adventures of kayaking, trekking and mountain biking…MAYBE, just maybe I can jump on an ATV there too. Oh the possibilities when in the great wilderness of the United States.


6. Grand Teton National Park…Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park…310,000 acres of rugged, snow-capped peaks, lush forests, and clarion alpine lakes. Queue Tim the Tool Man Taylor *grunt* (come on ’90s kids…)

Grand Teton State Park
Grand Teton State Park

7. New Orleans

I’ve been close to New Orleans, but I was a teenager and didn’t get to explore. I want to go to New Orleans and hit up a genuine Jazz club…yeah, baby. Yeeeah.

Jazz Club in New Orleans
Jazz Club in New Orleans photo credit:

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