Blogging Challenge: Day 9, Continued…

Top 7 list of places in the world you want to visit, Continued…

6. Prague

The longest river in the Czech Republic is Vltava in Prague. I would love to be able to stand near the Vltava bend overlooking the water. And Prague Castle…oh my goodness! Prague also offers a service that you can pay for to cycle from Prague to Vienna. Cycling the countryside of Czech – that just sounds so romantic and peaceful to me.


7. Puerto Rico

Lucky number 7 is Puerto Rico! #1 best thing I look forward to experiencing in Puerto Rico is Puerto Rican coffee; the island’s beans continue to rank near the top of connoisseurs’ lists. says…

“Locals order it either black (expreso), with a touch of hot milk (cortadito), or mixed with plenty of steamed milk (con leche). One of the city’s best coffee spots is Caficultura, a former Old San Juan residence decorated with chandeliers, marble-topped tables, and heavy wooden doors propped open for easy people-watching on the Plaza de Colón. Calle San Francisco 401, 787/723-7731, coffee from $2.50.”

Tell me that does not sounds fabulous.

Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

I might be a bit of a dork, but I also want to take an ATV tour in Puerto Rico; ATVing on the sand and through lush trails. Oh yea, right up my alley. Not to mention go backpacking and scuba diving.

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  1. I’d love to visit Puerto Rico! Love your blog and how it’s formatted.

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    1. Thank you! One day, one day… 😀 Puerto Rico, here we come.

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