Project Breakaway Vaca: Day 3

Day 2 was accomplished with us being completely tuckered out!

That night when my daughter and I climbed into bed, we both woke up about 1:00 AM because it was so hot. Even despite that fan in our tent. Barely breathable humidity. We ended up going to sleep in the car with our pillows and sleeping bags; it had a nice AC. Still it was not as comfy, but we made due. Morning came too soon, I felt like I had slept a wink – thank goodness for Teresa’s Little Guy camper and coffee! I needed 2 cups, stat.

We began cleaning up our campsite, tearing down our toys, putting away food and packing the cars. It was ridiculously hot by 9:00 AM, I thought Mother Nature was playing a joke on me – she knew I was going to have a heck of a time putting the bike rack and bicycle back up on the car….she knew. BUT, everything got done, and everyone was happy so heat or no heat, we overcame.Petit Jean State Park

From there, at Petit Jean campsite B 49, we said our farewells and parted ways. My daughter and I heading 6 hours to Kansas and Teresa back home a few hours away in Arkansas.

Nothing too interesting during the long drive to Kansas – the scenery was gorgeous, there was no traffic, and we DID stop for some ice cream in Missouri. I also came to realize about 30 minutes from the campgrounds that…yes, my phone signal was back. Woohoo!

We got to our friend’s house in Kansas a little before 5:00 PM, chilled out for a bit then fired up the grill for a simple dinner. The best kind!

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