Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is fantastic! So beautiful, and even though just about everything was frozen, I still enjoyed the view and fresh air. It was late March in 2014 and I flew from Oklahoma City to Chicago to Buffalo, NY, and from there drove accords the boarder to Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada. It was just a 2 day business trip to attend a conference for my company, but I am glad I had the opportunity to go.

After passing through boarder control I waited in traffic moving just inches at a time it seemed, but the view was fabulous! Everything was covered in snow and ice, and I could see the mist from the falls shooting up hundreds of feet in the air.

Finally I got to my hotel at the Hilton Niagara Falls Suites on Fallsview Blvd., and was it ever a a great view of the falls! Perfect street name for that location.

Janelle at Niagara Falls, Ontario

Since I had some time to kill after our pre-conference setup, I walked around outside the hotel facility. There was a long street with all kinds of carnival-like activities and rides near the hotel. It was not just in town at that time though, that street was part of their community! It was interesting.

Naturally, I also walked around the falls. The loud rush of the waterfalls and feeling the mist on my face in the cold left me feeling peaceful and in awe of this magnificent world wonder. I meditated for a while on the thoughts of just how powerful Niagara Falls water flow is, and what the first people who ever saw it must have thought! Simple incredible.

After our conference my colleagues and I  followed the indoor walkway from the Hilton into an adjoining casino; we ate at a Japanese restaurant inside. Being a vegetarian the fish smell in the restaurant was a bit overwhelming and unsettling, but the food was good and I was in good company. With that, I’ll give the fishy smell a pass.

On the morning of the last day we were going to be in Niagara Falls, Ontario, I got up early and decided to take a short wondering walkabout around
town. I was in search for a Buddhist monastery I read was nearby, but after some time of searching I decided to turn back around. On my way back I found a little whole-in-the-wall breakfast place to stop in at and grab a bite to eat. Super Yum.

Eventually later that morning it was time to head out and drive across the boarder to New York where we would fly in reverse order back home to OKC. Even though the snow and ice was beautiful, I was glad to leave the cold weather behind and eagerly anticipated the sun that awaited me in my home state.

Niagara Falls to OKC

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