An Oklahoma Spring: May 2015

I don’t think you will hear many Oklahoma residents say they look forward to Spring. If they do, it is solely for the facts that winter will be over and gardeners get to plant. Along with nicer weather and lush greenery coming back to the earth, Spring in Oklahoma means tornado season. Some years are worse than others, but it is a toss up no matter how you look at it.

Tornado season SW OKC May 2015
Photo credit: KFOR viewer. SW Oklahoma City 6:30 P.M. Wednesday May 6, 2015

Spring in Oklahoma

In the Springtime in Oklahoma it is not uncommon to hear tornado sirens, and phrases like:

“Stay weather aware.”

“Tornado on the ground!”

“Turn around, don’t drowned.”

“If you are in the XXXX City area, get under ground now!”

This is KFOR tornado coverage during the May 6, 2015 storms.

In addition to many more terms, key phrases and conversations, you will hear talk from people huddled around a monitor or TV screen watching the local live radar referencing the hook echo, or just “the hook.”

“The most recognized and well-known radar signature for tornadic supercells. This “hook-like” feature occurs when the strong counter-clockwise winds circling the mesocyclone (rotating updraft) are strong enough to wrap precipitation around the rain-free updraft area of the storm.”

Now, I got this quote from a United States Tornado 2013 article, but the tone is just the same coming from everyday Oklahomans – Okies that have lived here 3 or mores years I would say. We all become a sort of meteorologist.

Flooding in Norman, OK May 2015
Photo credit: KFOR News. Flooding on Lindsey St. In Norman, Oklahoma Saturday May 9, 2015.

These last few days in Oklahoma have been pretty “exciting” – we had historical rainfall, causing our first flash flood emergency, and back to back storms which did produce some tornadoes.

Tornado shelter lifted from underground
Tornado shelter lifted from underground from flooding in Oklahoma

Newcastle, OK Tornado 5-6-2015

 This video above is not discolored or altered. When a tornado is in our midst, the sky will turn green, orange or yellow. Green is most common.

The photos and videos in this post are from this week’s severe weather in Oklahoma.

Tornado Rotation Near Amber, OK 5/6/2015

“Tigernado”: May 6, OKC

In addition to all weather adventures this week, and particularly on May 6th, a tornado hit Tiger Safari in Tuttle, OK letting lions, tigers and other exotic animals loose from their cages (for a short time). It did not take long before photo-shopped images swarmed social media of “Tigernados,” Wizard of Oz, and Jumanji references…



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