Sarcastic Vampire

Sarcastic Vampire

It was a damn long day. I woke up few times and fell asleep again.

I had nightmares about my shitty life that I wasted in a large, empty dark castle with numerous tombs. Oh … hey, it’s not a nightmare – this is my reality. I woke up and flew away from my favorite, very comfortable tomb.

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An old sofa

An old couch

Two young girls stood behind the door to the old apartment for rent. It was not a usual deal. This apartment was very special, and anyone could rent it for several hours or the whole night. Once, this apartment with one room and small bathroom belonged to a very righteous old lady with a bad temper and disgust for all human emotions.  She lived so long without her husband that she forgot how to live. One day, she just forgot how to breathe. She did not have children, and nobody cared about her presence in this world, till she was pronounced dead.

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When the Iceland is your heartbreaking muse

Iceland in all her beauty! Image credits: Google Image

The Land of Ice can stay the warmest memory in your heart. It is not easy to come to this far away country, with such a cold name, and to leave it just after few days. That’s why I do suggest to other travelers, never to come to Iceland, because you will fall in love immediately. Read more

For Traveling Book Worms Around the World

The eternal boy, creation of J. M. Barrie’s soul, London, UK

I love to read. It is so natural for me as to breath. Books always were my friends, and never had hard feelings if I cheated them with other books. They always were in the charge of my life. After in 6 years old I’ve read The Wren by Turkish writer Reşat Nuri Güntekin I’ve decided that I will become a teacher one day. Read more

My Poltava, Ukraine

White Rotunda
White Rotunda

I was born in a small and very beautiful town, Poltava.
We call it the greenest and cleanest city in Ukraine. I have lived all my life in it and never get bored. I still have more places to visit in Poltava, such as some museums to open for myself. Read more