When the Iceland is your heartbreaking muse

Iceland in all her beauty! Image credits: Google Image

The Land of Ice can stay the warmest memory in your heart. It is not easy to come to this far away country, with such a cold name, and to leave it just after few days. That’s why I do suggest to other travelers, never to come to Iceland, because you will fall in love immediately. And this country definitely will answer your feelings. However, there is gonna be a huge problem if you will need to come back to your own reality.

It was too hard for me to leave her. That is why Iceland forever will be my personal muse. She gives me an inspiration to write, to breathe, to hope. And even while I’m sitting in my native Ukraine, pictures of her warm and natural beauty takes my breath away. So, don’t look or you will feel the same.

Image credits: coolbiere
Image credits: coolbiere

She doesn’t need any make up to charm you. Her long dress is colored in different shades of green. She has a gown from pure white waterfalls and rainbows, long enough to reach to the sky.

Her shoes made from light blue waters of geysers. And when they begin to warm up, the sky is dancing, making passionate moves with you. Her arms and legs are strong as mountains that spread all over this beautiful island.

Her amazing long hair from white mountain snow is framed with a colorful crown. This crown was made from Aurora Borealis. It shines with every step that my muse is making. And its lightning can be seen in the deepest corners, so you will never get lost beside her.

Image credits: Milko Marchetti
Image credits: Milko Marchetti

She will guide you in the darkest night, and she will never ask anything in favor from you.

She will give you her biggest mountains, warmest geysers, purest rivers and greenest valleys. She will charm you. Iceland will open your eyes on the whole new world and bring you to the land of fairy-tales and fresh crusty air, feeling your tired lungs so natural that you will forget about everything else.

Image credits: Nordic Food Festival
Image credits: Nordic Food Festival

Her mild loving character is the combination from ice and the sun. And she will be both for you.

If you are lonely come to her warm embrace and she will never leave your thoughts, even if you will sit on one of her beautiful beaches, her arms – mountains, her legs in water shoes will hug you and you will feel her green dress touching your heart.

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  1. Iceland is my dream travel destination, and now after reading this I want to go even more! Your writing is beautiful. 🙂

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    1. kittykateryna says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you will travel to Iceland soon!

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