Wake Boarding: Summer Fun and Some Sweet Action Shots

So far, a couple times this June I took my daughter and a couple of her friends up to Wake Zone in Oklahoma City. It is a pretty neat place, and both days we went the weather was perfect.

As a newbie to wakeboarding, I understand it is difficult to get up on the water and actually stay up. This seemed to be the case, but the girls did great! 

Dog at Wake Zone in OKC

At Wake Zone, they seem to always have dogs around. Good, sweetie pie doggies that LOVE the water and running around. They really add to the family-oriented, chill atmosphere of the facility. 

During our second visit, there were some wakeboarders on the water who were pretty talented, to say the least – so I caught a few pictures of them doing their thing. Check out some of these sweet action shots! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe next time we go out there, I’ll actually try it myself. My jiu-jitsu buddy goes up there fairly often and loves it. Shout out to Billy! 

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