My Poltava, Ukraine

White Rotunda
White Rotunda

I was born in a small and very beautiful town, Poltava.
We call it the greenest and cleanest city in Ukraine. I have lived all my life in it and never get bored. I still have more places to visit in Poltava, such as some museums to open for myself.

My city is amazingly beautiful in every season of year. There are lots of parks here. I live near four of them. During spring and summer I can take a cup of coffee, my journal and a pen with me in one of these parks. In the winter I go for a walk in frosty air, and watch the magical glimmering of the white snow on the naked birches, and green fir-trees.

Stone with the first mention of Poltava

I want to tell you about the great history of Poltava. First,people came to these lands in the 8th century, but the first mention about Poltava you can find in the manuscript that describes a great travel of Sviatoslav I, Grand prince of Kievan Rus. We have constant reminder of this travel, as it is carved on a stone that stands in the historical center of Poltava.

Museum of local lore

Museum of local lore

During all middle ages Poltava came from Lithuanian hands to Polish, and then to Russian. It was a great city in 18th century with 5 huge churches and a lot of educated citizens (that’s a big deal if you know the Ukrainian and Russian history). Poltava was a Cossacks city, well organized and ruled by wise leaders.

Monument of Glory

Monument of Glory

Nowadays Poltava is known mostly because of the Battle of Poltava – main event in the Northern War between Russia and Sweden. But for me, Poltava is also the land of great people. The founder of modern Ukrainian language, Ivan Kotliarevskiy, lived in my city a long time ago.

House of Ivan Kotliarevskiy

I visited his museum that is situated in such an authentic house, where this famous writer could live. During this excursion I saw lots of authentic stuff from the time that was found by archaeologists. Almost everything in it was wooden, except a huge clay oven in the kitchen. In Kotliarevskiy’s times, people could sleep on such grooves, as it was always warm and cozy there.

A lot of famous writers, poets, philosophers, musicians, engineers, and cosmonauts lived in Poltava, but it is always better to visit this city once, than to hear of it thousands of times. Poltava is always happy to see guests from all over the World.

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  1. Brian says:

    I have visited Poltava many times. It is a city of contrasts. You see some beautiful old buildings that are mixed in with your typical gray, drab, and boring Soviet-era apartments. It is a city that has riches and great poverty. You see someone driving a Porsche, Audi, or BMW who park next to waste containers with legs sticking out. The legs are attached to men, women, and children digging through the rubbish trying to find food or something they could possibly sell. The roads are barely passable. You drive through neighborhoods where you could easily use a 4WD SUV. I can’t emphasize how bad the roads are and the drivers and pedestrians don’t think.
    Even with some tough times, the people are happy and friendly. The food is wonderful there, especially the dumplings. It is also extremely cheap to stay and eat. We stay for two weeks in an apartment with maid service for $15 a night.


    1. Ⓥalkyrie says:

      Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experience.


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