Blogging Challenge: Day 14

Your dream vacation/trip.

For day 14 of my Travel Blogging Challenge, my dream vacation spot! If money were no object and I could go any place I wanted for a vacation or…say  a month trip, I think I would choose South Africa. South Africa has lush greenery, beautiful mountains, clear blue-green waters, amazing animals, and I could have the best of both worlds;  the rugged “outback” for hiking or the setting of a  luxurious oceanside oasis. Cape Town, South Africa seems like an very ideal place for me to visit on my dream vacation. I forgot to mention African Penguins!! They live in the heat, contrary to the elements we think of when these cool little creatures come to mind. Beach penguins, yea!

South AFRICA…my dream trip

South Africa Elephants

South Africa never leaves one indifferent. Its history, its population, its landscapes and cultures – all speak to the visitor, to the student, to the friend of Africa.” –Tariq Ramadan

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  1. South Africa will embrace with our famous big smile 🙂 there are shark cage diving, ostrich ride, horse back safari etc… and a land of wine & great seafood. You should totally visit!!!!


    1. That sounds absolutely amazing! I can’t wait. Thank you!


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