Word for “Coffee” Around the World

This is a travel blog, and with travel I think most of us would agree – comes coffee; or tea, but in this case…COFFEE! Not just to stay awake during long journey’s, but stopping in coffee shops and admiring the smell, the taste, people watching, and the casual atmosphere that most coffee houses possess. I love coffee and I love to travel, so, I would like to share with you now various ways people in the world say, “coffee.”

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”― Cassandra ClareCity of Ashes

Coffee stain

Afrikaans: koffie (pronounced coffee)
Albanian: kafe (pronounced KA-fey)
Amharic: buna (pronounced boona)
Arabic: qahioa, qahua or qahwe
Armenian: surch (pronounced suurch) or sourdj
Basque: kafea or akeuta
Belarusian: kava
Bengali/Bangla: café
Bulgarian: kafe
Catalan: cafe
Chinese/Cantonese: ga feh
Chinese/Mandarin: kafei or 咖啡
Creole: kafe
Croatian: kava

“Want coffee?” I asked, as I headed that way.
“It’s three thirty in the morning.”
“Okay. Want coffee?”
― Darynda JonesThird Grave Dead Ahead

Czech: kava or kafe
Danish: kaffe (pronounced kah-FEY)
Dutch: koffie (pronounced coffee)
English: coffee
Esperanto: kafoCoffee
Estonian: kohv
Ethiopian Semitic (spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea): bunna, buni or bun
Filipino/Tagalog: kape
Finnish: kahvi
French: café
Galician: café
Georgian: qava or chai
German: der Kaffee
Greek: kafés (pronounced ka-FACE)
Haitian Creole: kafe (pronounced kah-FEY)
Hawaiian: kope
Hebrew: ka-feh
Hindi: kofi (pronounced KOH-fee)
Hungarian: kavé (pronounced KAH-vey)

“Coffee first. Schemes later.”
― Leanna Renee HieberDarker Still

Irish: caife
Italian: caffe (pronounced KA-fee)
Icelandic: kaffiiHot coffee
Indonesian: kopi
Japanese: koohii
Korean: keopi or ko-pyi
Latvian: kafija (pronounced: ka-fee-ya)
Lithuanian: kava
Luxembourgish: Kaffi
Macedonian: kafe
Malay: kawah or koppi

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina ChenNorth of Beautiful

Maltese: kafe
Norwegian: kaffe
Ojibwe (language of the Anishinabek Native Americans): muckadaymashkikiwabu (literally, “black medicine water)
Persian: qéhvé
Polish: kawa (pronounced kava)
Portuguese: café
Romanian: cafea (pronounced café-ah)Espresso
Russian: kofe (pronounced koe-fee)
Serbian: kafa
Slovakian: kava (pronounced kah-va)
Slovenian: kave
Spanish: el café (masculine)
Sinhalese (Sri Lanka): kopi
Swahili: kahawa
Swedish: kaffe
Taiwanese: ka fei or 咖啡

Coffee is a language in itself.” –Jackie Chan

Tamil (Sri Lanka): kapi-kottai or kopi
Thai: kafea or ca-fea
Turkish: kahve (pronounced kah-VEY)
Ukrainian: kavy or kavaLife is short enjoy your coffee
Urdu: coffee
Vietnamese: ca phe (pronounced ka FEY) or cafe
Wolof: kafe
Welsh: coffi (pronounced ko-FEE)
Yiddish: kave
Zulu: ikhofi


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