Fleeting Desires – Freedom is the Final Destination

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.”
Thích Nhất Hạnh

Wanting to flee.

Desiring the wind in my hair and my feet to be pressed against the soft ground; sinking into the warm sand. I love sand in my toes. Taking flight to the deep forests, wandering down trails that so many have trekked before; sensing the silence and power of the woods surrounding me. I just want to go. Travel. Fly. Hike, bike, soar over the world taking in all that this small floating ball in our neck of the Universe has to offer.

Wanting to greet.

Meet everyone with a story, history of having experienced things I have not in this life. Maybe even in no life before. I am not attached, I just want to feel and bond with everyone so that we all may become a part of one another. After all, what else are we here for if not each other? 

Wanting to feel.

The rain, loudly pouring over a tropical scene – tree infested landscape. Damp caves with a past that could tell a billion stories of every breath of life that has stepped foot…or paw…into its depths.

Athena dogWanting to reach.

The stars are not as far as people think; it’s relative, really. Just as one may believe 6 feet is too far to feel – it is as close as the moon and can be reached in the same unpredictable amount of “time” – ah, time. Reaching goals, striving to not only survive this life, but experience and give back everything I have had the opportunity, luxury, gratitude to receive.

Wanting to relinquish.

Leave behind the ideas I have to be “free” so I may remain stable and predictable… or maybe I would rather hand over the ideals of a “normal” life so that I may decamp and break the bonds of society’s commonplace.

I am no longer wanting, but instead questing and requiring. Satisfaction comes in the journey to ones destination – I will reach the destinations I have set for myself. I will flee, I will greet, I will feel, I will reach, I will relinquish and let go of everything I have ever attached to so I can be free.

I – ego

WANT – desire

FREEDOM – is all that is left.

An end result.

Life, detach, experience, give back – compassionately. Ditch all that falls in your way (which is only obstacles within yourself) – I am running, flying and ultimately participating in that which is called life. Learning to travel, shake hands and skillfully recognize my purpose. To be a guiding light of nourishment to all beings that may cross my path – we all need something. We all need, require a helping hand of love.

Mountains in Taiwan

My desires are fleeting and realization is becoming apparent that freedom is in the final destination. And the final destination is to never, ever stop.


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