Movie Night + Landscaping/Gardening Update

It is not traveling around the world, but it has been a journey! I bought my house 10 years ago and never really did as much to the inside or outside as I would have liked — you know, adding particular areas and designs that make it “ours.” Quarantine has really given me the bug (and I know many others, too) to garden, and design personal living spaces.

There has been an area next to the front porch that I mentioned last week that has always been ugly. Before, there were white rocks, but it was so plain and drab, then ratty grass started coming through and it looked even worse. This section of the yard is pretty well shaded, not much light gets in, but I had some ideas for it. If you recall, last week I dug up the area and made a trench…then left it for a future redesign.

This weekend, I put together a picnic table that I ordered off Amazon. The instructions were horrendous, but it ended up being pretty cute.

The table took me hours to put together even though it may not look like much, then I got some shade plants, decorative rocks, black mulch, and Tiki Torches from Lowe’s.

And with that…we created a small oasis!

Perfect for a projector movie night and veggie burgers! The girls watched Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

While working at Calvert’s this past Saturday I found a cute lama planter and planted a succulent and air plant! CUTE!!! We put it on the picnic table for decoration. I love him! My daughter named him “Jonathan.”

I purchased a “Stay Wild” mask from the Atticus Poetry store and often use it for work at Calvert’s. I love this modern-day poet’s work. SHOUT OUT TO ATTICUS!

Other updates…

Looky what I found in the backyard, a couple little bird eggs. I found some in the front yard, too.

Our neighbor gave us a shrub that we put near the front entry, pictured above next to the Tiki Torch, and a rose bush that they didn’t want anymore, but didn’t want to go to waste. I adopted and planted them both.

It is official, my botched Porcini mushroom indoor growing scheme did not pan out, I moved everything too quickly, and it died. I used the rest of that spoil in the shade plants I planted near the picnic table. We shall try again!

My wildflower garden bed is sprouting bigger, the nursery is doing well, and my daughter’s sweet corn has grown beautiful and healthy! All 6 are coming up.

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