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    1. Thanks, I thought so too. Simple yet profound.

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      1. mukul chand says:

        welcome. why did you choose the number 108???

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      2. As a Buddhist practitioner we are taught of 108 defilements to overcome. As I travel, and experience life I hope to diminish these one-by-one.

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      3. mukul chand says:

        108 is a very auspicious number as well. It adds to 9 ( The Path to Heaven) . 12 Zodiac designs multiplied by the 9 planets give you the Universe i.e. 12 x 9=108.

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      4. mukul chand says:

        9 is a unique number. add 9 to any number , it remains itself. 9+5=14. 1+4=5. 5 remains 5.

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      5. That’s great! I had to test it out haha. That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing 9 uniqueness with me.

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      6. mukul chand says:

        hold on, there is more. Multiply any number with 9, it will convert to 9 itself. eg;9×4=36. 3+6=9. Now use the numerology of 9 at a holistic level and you will realize why 108 was used by the ancients.

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      7. Very interesting. How long have you been interested in numerology?

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      8. mukul chand says:

        welcome, for a while now.

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      9. Really glad you shared, thanks.

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      10. mukul chand says:

        my pleasure someone was listening.

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