A poem: for those wondering what it’s all about

by: Murray Lachlan Young

“Please listen very carefully

For taken Hypothetically

Supported comprehensively

Basically originally

A single singularity

Exploded quite impressively

Expanded exponentially

Creating stars and galaxies

With what must be quite logically

And coolly cosmologically

The building blocks of you and me

And continents and land and sea

A process evolutionary

Through dinosaur hegemony

Into our human ancestry

To cultural diversity

A growing global family

Producing universities

Facilities, laboratories

Religion met the sciences

Where people made discoveries

Of fundamental articles

And elementary particles

Both magical and technical

And also Mathematical

And random and symmetrical

Chemical and classical

Explained the metaphysical

That all things were divisible

But there must be a particle

Much smaller than a neutron ball

When answering the Hadron call

Will finally inform us all

That we are one and we are all

That we are great and we are small

We are day and we are night

We are dark and we are light

And I am he

As you are he

As you are me

And we are all together

I am the egg man

I am the egg man

I am the Walrus!

Coo coo ca Chooo!”

Rosette Nebula

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