A note from: Suellen Miller

Good morning fellow travelers on the spiritual path,

I am loving this cooler weather. For those of you who are not in Oklahoma, it is 66 degrees right now.

Not only are the temperatures changing, so is everything around us. Students have started back to school. Leaves are beginning to change colors. Summer flowers are giving their last shout. The days are getting shorter.

For all of us, it’s a reminder that nothing stays the same. That’s a good thing, really. Life would be boring if it was always the same, and yet, most of us don’t like to change.

At the same time we want things in our life to be different, to be better. Here’s your wake up call: In order for your life to change, YOU have to change. I have to change if I want my life to change.

I know change is not easy, and yet, if I don’t change, nothing about my life changes.

What changes do you want in your life? What are you willing to do differently to manifest those changes?

Love and blessings

2207 E 6th Street
Tulsa, OK 74104
Rev. Suellen Miller
Rev. Suellen Miller

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