My Birthday Wish

Happy birthday to me!

29 years young today and lots of life to live. I thank my family and my friends for the unconditional love they continue to give.

As I brave another year, adventures wait at every turn. I will face them one-by-one and hike up every hill – head on.

2015 was a dynamic year of change; it had its way ups and its lowest of lows, but at then end  of the day

I am here.

I am healthy.

I am stronger.

29 years young today and lots of life to live.

I’m looking forward to the next 29; the big 5-8; accomplishing another big adventure; maybe with my grandchild and grown up daughter.

My birthday wish is simple, it’s straight to the point.

I wish for peace of mind, experience and laughter of all kinds. 

29 years young today and lots of life to live – I’m excited to see what today is bound to give.

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday picture
Happy 29th birthday image my husband made me ❤

9 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish

  1. hi jene
    im tumsifu frank from tanzania. i work in the travel industry, i organize wildlife safaris, trekking kilimanjaro, beach holidays in zanzibar and along tanzania coast line.
    i would like to invites you to come to tanzania, for your next trip.
    would you like to come?


    1. Oooh Tanzania! Thank you for the kind invite. I will not be taking a big trip like that for a while, but I would LOVE to go. Kilimanjaro is a must on my list! Do you have a website, Tumsifu?


        i have but now is under construction, but soon it will be on air,
        do you have fb? or tweeter acount?
        in order to keep in touch with you.
        tumsifu frank


  2. hi there
    how are you?
    what about to come to climb kilimanjaro?


    1. Hello! I am well, how are you Kilimanjaro…one day, my friend! One day. When that day comes I will be sure to let you know : ))


      1. ahsanta dada( thanks my sister)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hi klicks,, how are you? can i send you a trip to post? for kilimanjaro and safaris

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey Tumsifu! Yes of course, I would love to share your adventure!


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