Positively Propitious

This blog post is not about travel, it is not about anything relating to travel. It is about who we are as people and how we infect ourselves and those around us. It can change your life; if you let it, it will change your life. And for all you travelers… it will make your journeys that much more enjoyable. 

We viral beings.

Has anyone ever told you how infectious you can be? How you seem to be able to be injected into veins and flow through all dwellings of their body

Climbing a tree
Don’t worry, be happy!

without even being present? No… maybe? Well, you are. We all are. We are all contagious, infectious, transmissible beings that spread our energy to any and all beings around us. It makes no difference how the energy comes into contact, maybe it is through an online chat room, from someone you bumped into at the grocery store, your brother, sister, mom, cat, dog, lover…it doesn’t matter. We each carry about us an energy that our thoughts have and continue to create. Positivity is just as, and more so, contagious as negativity. Our thoughts become powerful feelings and those powerful feelings flow all around us. Our feelings become actions and we act physically or verbally according to those previous feelings of positive or negative thinking. Everything we are right now, in this moment, is a result of previous thinking. How do you feel? What are you thinking about? Do you like it? Does it benefit you or the beings around you? If the answer is “no,” change your thoughts to something that brings joy to your heart and a smile to your face. If you have answered “yes,” keep it going, don’t stop, and pass it along.

I’m a pessimistic person by nature.

Ah, I see; a pessimistic person by nature, eh? Tell me this; do you believe in personal freedom? Do you believe that you are preprogrammed as a robot and that you have no decisions to make? I bet you don’t have stress in that case, for there would be no choices to have, no opinions to give, and everything would be someone else’s thoughts; sounds pretty drab to me. By nature we are human, and with that comes freedom of thoughts, and with freedom of thought we are able to make the choice of putting in either positive or negative information. As we feed our mind, what we put in we get out. A pessimistic person may choose to have more judgmental thoughts of another person whereas a more positive in-taker may see the same person as merely different (since after all, we are individual beings). Each person, no matter how angry, happy, sad, glad or mad they may typically be or currently are, has the choice to begin a journey of becoming a more positive and positively influential being on this Earth.

How can I start changing my thoughts?

No good things happen overnight, but our minds are great; they can conceive things very quickly. I like to read positive and encouraging quotes. Quotes are so short but can be so powerful for change. Encouraging quotes, words of wisdom, hopes and accomplished dreams of others, all words that will bring benefit and not negativity. Another awesome creation we have, music. Listen to the music that brings the most joy to your heart and

Listening to music
“Listen to the music that brings the most joy to your heart and peace to your mind…”

peace to your mind; reinvent a happy feeling in yourself and let it manifest throughout your being. Do something nice for someone else! Selflessness is irreplaceable in humanity and actualizes that other beings exist and are just as fragile as ourselves. Compliment someone without a judgmental thought, pay for the person behind you when you are in the drive thru at Micky D’s (which that is a whole other topic on treating our body’s right with what we put in them), open a door for someone, And SMILE! Do you know how easy it is to just crack a small smile, and how vast the rewards can be for yourself and whoever might catch it?! A simple smile can change a life, my friends. It is not for us to decipher who’s life we may touch, but by allowing the glowing positive light of the Universe to be seen through us and touch who it may.

Likes attract and draw nearer. Birds of a flock.

For a long time I remember looking at who I was, who I had become, who my friends were, and where my family was. I remember the awful feelings of self-hatred and abandonment that I led myself to believe while growing up. I manifested in me a negative energy that would overflow and bring people to me that were just the same. Bring situations to me that were almost unbearable, just like the feelings that I carried. As youngsters we are trained to think in certain ways, believe specific uncertainties about ourselves, and become images that we were told we were. From childhood, our thoughts of everyone around us and ourselves are formed and from those thoughts we feel; we feel very deeply, and with those feelings, we become infectious. Being an “optimist or pessimist by nature” simply

Having fun with silly glasses
We ARE positively pestiferous. Infecting life with positivity and fun!

implies that your prior training of thinking led you to believe this, however, you can think, feel, act and do as you feel most compelled. We even have the choice to not change at all. At some point in every beings life we become responsible for one, and must no longer accept that we are who we are because of what we were told. When we look at our situation, our friends and families, where our self-esteem lies inside; when we look at everything that we have attracted to ourselves through this energy that we have been carrying and dispersing, then we can make the choice for change, if that happiness does or does not radiate from within us. There is nothing around us that has not been attracted by us. By definition, “insanity” is the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you want to stop saying “fml” on Facebook all the time, and telling yourself and others that you either hate your life, or wish something in your life would give, then make a change in yourself first. Manifest this positivity and attract something else into your life; don’t worry about removing the negativity; that will go away naturally. Change that bait on your hook (hypothetically, fish feel pain too!) and catch something different in life, and then take it and go viral, be infectious, be…positively propitious.

Kayaking and being silly
“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”
-Helen Keller



  1. giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable.
    “the timing for such a meeting seemed propitious”
    synonyms: favorable, auspicious, promising, providential, advantageous, optimistic,bright, rosy, heaven-sent, hopeful; More

    • archaic
      favorably disposed toward someone.
      “there were points on which they did not agree, moments in which she did not seem propitious”

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