Lake Hefner Lighthouse

Lake Hefner lighthouse is located on the eastern shore of the lake, just off Lake Hefner Parkway in Oklahoma City. It was prefabricated and erected by a “tilt-up” technique, for which it apparently won an award. It is also a great spot for taking pictures with a unique backdrop!

Lake Hefner Lighthouse

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Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is fantastic! So beautiful, and even though just about everything was frozen, I still enjoyed the view and fresh air. It was late March in 2014 and I flew from Oklahoma City to Chicago to Buffalo, NY, and from there drove accords the boarder to Niagara Falls, Ontario in…

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

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An Oklahoma Spring: May 2015

I don’t think you will hear many Oklahoma residents say they look forward to Spring. If they do, it is solely for the facts that winter will be over and gardeners get to plant. Along with nicer weather and lush greenery coming back to the earth, Spring in Oklahoma means tornado season. Some years are worse…

A flag is placed in the foundation of a flattened home day after a tornado devastated the town Moore, Oklahoma

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Top 20 Best Travel Quotes

I am a fan of all kinds of quotes! I love quotes. They remind me that I am not the first to experience something and those before me just might have some pretty great advice. Quotes can be inspiring or just direct – they make you think and can encourage you do keep on moving…

Carlsbad Caverns

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