Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Favorite outdoor gear brand(s).

I am not a huge brand person – if the pants fit and they’re comfortable, then I’ll wear them. However, with that said, there are a few name brand products, particularly shoes, that I prefer over most generic brands.

Hiking with ecco shoes
Hiking with ecco shoes

I have a pair of ecco hiking shoes that are awesome. They have never hurt my feet, even when they were brand-new; my eccos also have a really great design for allowing my feet to breath. These are my primary hiking shoes. In the photo to the left you can see me in my ecco hiking shoes during our last journey to Petit Jean State Park. They were also the best shoes I had during my pilgrimage to Taiwan.

Running a 5k in Nike and Under Armour gear
Running a 5k with my Nike sports bra and tank top, and Under Armour running hat.

Secondly, I am a fan of Nike and Under Armour. Maybe some of that is because Nike has done an incredible job with marketing their brand, and I am an online marketer…so, there is that, but Nike and Under Armour, both,  have quality products. Most my running gear is Nike and or Under Armour; shoes, hat, tank tops, running shorts and capris…etc. I feel proud to wear both of these brands when running a 5k or a half, especially Nike.


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